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Fact vs. Fiction When Building Your Custom Home

Goehring & MorganNovember 28, 2016

If you’ve ever watched any home buying show on television, it may seem as though finding a new home is so much easier when that home is already built.


A lot of buyers have this idea and opt for a resale home to avoid the supposed hassles of a custom build. But sometimes building from the ground up and to your own specifications is better than buying. In our business, there are countless myths about what the homebuilding process entails, including the costs, the time frame and working with a builder.

Building a custom home isn’t as stress-inducing as you think. There’s a lot of fiction about custom homebuilding, but here are five facts that’ll help you ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Fiction: It takes forever

Fact: The process to build a custom home typically takes up to a year. This includes two to three months to design the home and another six to nine months to actually build it.

Buying a home can take just as long, depending on the market you’re in. One of the counterarguments we sometimes hear from house hunters is that unforeseen delays, bad weather, permitting and other issues often push construction timelines back. You obviously can’t control Mother Nature or city approvals, but you can work with your builder to ensure a detailed schedule and contingencies are put in place. Communication is key during this process, so it’s important for you and the builder to check in weekly to ensure everything remains on track.

Fiction: It’ll cost you a fortune

Fact: In the past, a custom home costed significantly more than an existing home, with some research estimating that figure at 15-30% more than an older home. But that gap is now narrowing. On top of that, the value you get is a major bonus. Most of today’s custom home are energy-efficient, which reduces home heating and cooling costs.

Though so much depends on your budget, it’s important nonetheless to research builders and find one who has no problem sitting down with you and going over every cost item in detail, line by line. If necessary, you can make certain design and layout changes to make the costs more in line with what you’d like to spend. And once you know exactly what you’re paying for, you’ll feel more comfortable with the entire process.

Fiction: It’s not that simple

Fact: Building a custom home isn’t easy, but it isn’t the most complicated thing in the world, either. Unlike a resale home, you have to make countless decisions about light fixtures, materials, layouts, colors and more. But when you work with a builder, they likely have someone on staff who can streamline the entire process. This person will coordinate with everyone, including subcontractors, to ensure the project stays on schedule and that every detail in your custom home reflects every choice you’ve made. The most important thing to remember is that custom homebuilding isn’t a solitary process. It requires a team effort, so there will be plenty of people around to help you along the way.

Fiction: You need to be an expert

Fact: We guarantee that 99% of people who have ever built a custom home have had no formal design or architecture training. You don’t need to be an expert to build your own home, but you do need to work with trusted, experienced people. When you work with a builder, the company typically has a team of skilled people who specialize in everything from design to space planning. Your builder will show you a model home so you can get an idea of how the final product may look. The builder also should give you an initial plan for the build, which will serve as a roadmap to which you can make adjustments. By the end of the process, you’ll probably develop some expertise yourself.

There are several benefits to building a custom home, namely craftsmanship and quality service. At Goehring & Morgan, we’ve been building custom homes for more than 30 years, with the goal of making our clients’ dreams a reality. If you’re interested in creating a one-of-a-kind home, contact us today to learn more.